ADDRESS 〒990-0065
1-3-36 Sotsukimachi, Yamagata, YAMAGATA, JAPAN
PHONE +81 23-633-1155
FAX +81 23-641-9087
ESTABLISHED October, 1948
REPRESENTATIVE Managing Director ONUMA Shuichi
BUSINESS From manufacturing to sales&marketing for Original brand, Kenland Linen.
Gentleman's and ladies' flat knitting, knitwear integrated production of circular knitting

Kenland Inc. was established in 1948 at Yamagata city in Japan. We are manufacturers that process all kinds of items of men's and ladies' clothing in flat knitting and circular knitting in-house. Together, we develop the yarn with a Japanese spinning company, arrange all the materials in-house and make proposals for new creations.

Until now, we have worked together with active designers world-wide, we have created and sent many products around the globe.

Based on our strong beliefs, we are gearing towards more earth-friendly and gentle materials to the body.
We aim for the linen material to be used throughout every season of the year, this has been developed through continuous research.

We started up the house brand, "Kenland Linen" in 2010, which expresses the extensive range of items by knit produced with linen to suite your lifestyle, and are announcing the full collection from Japan.
It is available to use throughout the year, every season.
It often becomes familiar by use, you can truly enjoy the essence of the material.

For instance, the stole of knit produced with linen does not crumple easily, and is very convenient as a travel and going out item due to its lightness.
It washes so easily, the material is available for various uses, linen is difficult to stain, it may be said that it is the material of super ecology.

Our objective is for many people to know and appreciate the superior qualities of linen.

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